2017 End of Term One - what a Blast!!

Interview with Year 6 Leaders:

Question: Whaea Rosina, what have you loved most about this term?
Answer: Seeing students fully engaged in learning through Artsy Thursdays

  • High attendance at school
  • No late arrivals
  • Students power sharing and being the teacher
  • No behaviour problems
  • All learners engaged in motivational and innovative learning outside of the normal day to day routines

Question: What was the most asked question of you from students this term?
Answer: Are you Matea's mum??  Are you the Principal??

Question: What Homai GIVES did you most show / action this term?
Answer: Guardianship - protecting student learning by ensuring there were no barriers to learning

  • Leadership systems clear, open and transparent
  • Teacher accountability in and out of the classroom
  • Students able to access good teaching and learning programs
  • Parents feeling valued as partners in their child's learner

Question: How do you feel your new senior leadership team went this term?
Answer: HMM!!😛 Nah, they have worked extremely hard this term. It is important for a Principal to feel supported and valued by their senior leaders and I have definitely received both from Mrs Tofilau and Ms McLeod. They both bring different strengths to our team and we share the same vision and goals, which is for all learners to aspire and achieve to their full potential. I am really blessed to have such an amazing team!!

Question: What would you like to share with our parents and students of Homai as we come to the close of term 1?
Answer: Everyone has made valuable contributions to learning at Homai. Teachers work hard to provide the right programs and support for our learners, our students work extremely hard to learn new things and apply these into their everyday lives, and our parents put their trust in us and give us permission to teach their children and support them as first teachers to grow learning. I am so proud with the progress we have so far, and know we can do even more to keep extending and accelerating progress. Have a good break everyone and we will see you back here next time ready to move mountains and aspire for greatness together!!😃


  1. Great interview Whaea Rosina. It was a excellent read.

  2. It started with YOU, you saw the vision and were the driving force behind it. It starts with ME in the classroom, for my students and their whanau. There are NO barriers....the only barrier is OURSELVES, how we think, how we act....let's action that talk and walk it. Love it xo


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