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Relationships-Based Learning - Classroom Practices!

Below are video clips that help me as an instructional leader to keep abreast with research and evidence that supports teachers and leaders to improve practice and leadership capabilities.

Collaborative Impact - A Global View
Professor John Hattie - Visible Learning


Professor Russell Bishop - A Cultural Responsive Context

What we learnt from our voice - Homai School

  • Homai school completed the entree programme for CC+RbL and the voices of our students experiences had given us new insights into how we can improve the teaching and learning experience for our students.
  • We learnt that the well established teacher-student relationships were related to students’ perception of school as being a safe, caring environment and family-like environment.  We also learnt that parents and whānau indicated that they were appreciative of the efforts that teachers and school made in relation to their children, at both behaviour and learning levels. They also indicated a strong desire for their children to be challenged in their learning, and for this to be the focus rather than building a friendship-like relationship.   
  • We know through CC+RbL by adding on to this good foundation supporting teachers to demonstrate and voicing high expectations, providing sufficient learning challenge and involving students by sharing power in the learning process we can improve their learning experience. 
  • We also learnt that what makes a significant difference were leaders that are instructional pedagogical leaders - leading and supporting teachers and our system to reform (improve) our environments and learning relationships.
  • Today we are leading from the front and providing learning opportunities  for both leaders, teachers and all other adults that are in the classrooms supporting learning - what has guided the focus of today is what the voices have told us and investing in buidling our own internal capacity to lead this critical work

Let's build a greater tomorrow!!


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