Kia Ora Koutou Katoa,

Wow time is certainly flying past us as we enter week 4 of term 3. I want to say how amazing all our staff has been, supporting each other through illness and family loss as well as keeping our focus on teaching and learning that promotes student progress and positive outcomes for all. As we continue to be a champion for every child, may we activate those positive RbL (relationships based learning) tools as part of our optimal conditions in the classroom - prior learning, feedback ( task / process / self-regulation) feed forward, cooperative, power sharing. As Rita Pierson shared.......

Be that champion every day, every one, all the time. 
And if there is one child in your class that continues 
to defy the law of relationships, love him/her even more
pay more attention to him/her because it may be the
only place he/she is told that they are amazing, that
they can achieve, that they can aspire to be the very
best they can be......
AND is starts with YOU, it starts with ME.

Watch this video of an extraordinary teacher in Israel Chen' Miller

Love / Inspire / Value / Endure



  1. Love your post Whaea Rosina! At Homai every child has a starts with ME!!!


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